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Tina Brooks

Tina relocated to Madison in 1989 whe her parents were relocated with the DOD. She attended elementary through high school in Madison, graduating from Bob Jones. She left the Tennesse Valley briefly to attend Auburn University. She attained her degree from the School of Buiness, focusing in Marketing.  Upon completing college she returned to the gretaer Huntsville Metro, and has been self employeed for the better part of 15 years. She understands the local small buiness economy, as well as, the larger ecomonic picture of the Madison and Huntsville Residential markets, and Commerical asset classes. 

Ms. Brooks is expireneced in representing all parties in home transactions. She is knowledgeable of recent changes for multiple segements within Madison, Huntsville, and the Madison county residential segements . Also staying up to date on the projected changes within the gretaer Tennessee Valley. Tina can explain how that will effect YOU, the consumer. She believes whether one is buying, selling, or building-YOUR immediate and long term goals are the bottomline!

 She is also familiar with projected plans for commercial development in Madison and Huntsville cities. Trends in the various asset classes- Land, Retail, Medical, and Industrial are unique to this area, and unlike any other in the Southeastern states or Nation.  Large development companies are investing in the greater metro Huntsville area for multiple reasons, and its not just the bottomline! She is very knowledgeable with past growth generated into the Tennesee Valley area. She priders herself on staying up to date on current develpoment, while being mindful of what to look for in future expansions and growth.  
Tina is the proud mother to Tellulah Belle- an Italian Greyhound. Blessed to be an aunt to a neice and nephew! Her passion is listening to Live music in local venues.

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